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Everyone is unique, and everyone's sitting posture varies, especially when they interact with technology all day. That's why we created the Musso H80 Pro. The H80 Pro is designed to accommodate the diverse postures shaped by technology, providing support for a wide range of users. It allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable when sitting all day, rather than experiencing the fatigue that comes with prolonged sitting.

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What Are the Main Features of the Musso H80 Pro?

The Musso H80 Pro ergonomic chair is designed to provide unparalleled comfort and adaptability, making it ideal for a variety of work environments. Whether you work in an office, home office, or coworking space, this chair is your partner in achieving a productive, comfortable, and healthy workspace.

Tri-Zone Dynamic™ Lumbar: Provides zero-gap lumbar support. The three-stage backrest structure provides zero-gap lumbar care and can support more than 80% of the back area in any sitting position.

Adapti Flex 6D™ Armrests: Height, depth, width, 360° swivel and front flip for a custom fit.

Ultra Breathe™ fabric is highly elastic, breathable and skin-friendly.

QUALITY & DURABILITY: The H80 Pro is tested to TÜV Rheinland standards to ensure reliability now and into the future.

Long-term warranty: 12 years of multi-shift, parts and labor warranty, free shipping + returns.

Three-zone independent spine design
6CM backrest lift adjustment
5CM seat front and rear adjustment
3D wide angle mechanical headrest
Retractable footrest
135° large angle tilt
SGS level four safety gas lift
Suitable for various body types (150cm-190cm, ≤150kg)

What are the differences between H80 Pro and H80 Classic?

Musso H80 Pro is upgraded with AdaptiFlex™ 6D armrests. The H80 Pro's armrests offer unparalleled 6D adjustment customization: height, depth, width, 360° swivel and front-flip functionality. These settings provide optimal arm and shoulder support during a variety of activities, from typing at your desk to using your smartphone, and even during breaks. AdaptiFlex™ 6D armrests adapt seamlessly to any scene, ensuring your arms and shoulders are supported no matter what activity you perform.

The H80 Pro uses unique UltraBreathe™ mesh to put you into a state of superior comfort. Premium flocked mesh is designed for ultimate stretch, offering high stretch, breathability and a skin-friendly feel. Designed to withstand extensive use, our UltraBreathe™mesh maintains its integrity and support through 100,000 use cycles, ensuring it won't sag or collapse. Mesh's unique blend of flexibility and softness adapts to your body's needs, providing durable, tear-resistant comfort that enhances any seating experience. Trust the Musso H80 Pro to provide unparalleled durability and ergonomic support for your daily work.

What is the expected durability of the Musso H80 Pro?

At Musso, we believe that an office chair is more than just a piece of furniture. It's an investment in your well-being and productivity. That's why we engineered the Musso H80 Pro with durability and reliability at its core.

We are so confident in the quality and endurance of our ergonomic solutions that we offer a guarantee: the Musso H80 Pro will last over 12 years. And to further support your comfort and peace of mind, we provide an up to 12-year warranty.

With the Musso H80 Pro, you can trust that your workplace well-being is in good hands. Experience the difference that a long-lasting, high-quality office chair can make in your daily comfort and productivity. View our warranty policy.

Musso H80 Pro participates in sustainable development

Musso was one of the first companies in the industry to become carbon neutral by 2020, and we are on track to reduce absolute emissions by 50% by 2030, an audacious goal supported by the Science-Based Targets initiative. In 2024, we have fully achieved carbon-neutral shipping for every order.We will pay a fee for every order to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere and realize our commitment to climate action.

We believe we can do better for the planet by recognizing our role in climate change and reducing our impact on the environment. The responsibility to do better for the world we share has always been and always will be a part of who we are.

Carbon-neutral shipping with Shopify Planet
Carbon-neutral shipping on all orders
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Rebecca Reynolds

Doctor of Chiropractic

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Ergonomic chairs are vital for spine health, promoting proper posture and reducing back discomfort and injury risk by supporting the lower back's natural curve and easing pressure from prolonged sitting.

With adjustable features like height and angle settings, these chairs provide personalized support, encouraging correct posture and improving blood circulation. They are highly recommended for maintaining healthy work postures and minimizing lower back issues.

Comfortable Seating Sensation

Superior Spinal Stability

Crafted for effective support of the neck, mid-back, and lumbar areas, this design reduces spinal tension and discomfort. Make the smart choice for optimal physical well-being and comfort.


Cervical spine

Thoracic spine

Lumbar spine

Tri-Zone Dynamic™

3D Lumbar Support

Zero-gap Lumbar Care

Adjust and align the lumbar support to precisely target critical areas, ensuring maximum comfort and spine protection throughout your day.


BackTrack Adjust™

5-Level Adjustable Heights

Tri-Zone Dynamic™

Three-section Backrest Structure




Sit up




3D Flexi-Comfort™

3D Headrest

Adaptive Neck Support

3d headrest

Upright Sitting

Up and down,Flip adjustment 

3d headrest

Leaning Sitting

Front and back adjustment

The H80 Pro features a stable 3D headrest with perfect alignment, offering 7cm height adjustment, 4cm forward movement, and 55° swivel to prevent neck, shoulder, and back strain from extended sitting.

UltraBreathe™ flocked stretch mesh fabric

Experience the Cool & Breathable

ISO 105

150,000 Abrasion Tests


Fire-Resistance Test


Standard 100 Health Guarantee


AdaptiFlex 6D™

AdaptiFlex 6D Armrests

Engineered Design

The H80 Pro features the advanced AdaptiFlex 6D™ Armrest to enhance your comfort. Our armrests offer unparalleled customization with 6D adjustment: height, depth, width, 360° swivel, and front flip functionality.

These settings provide optimal arm and shoulder support during a variety of activities.


Max 135° Recline & 5cm Seat Depth Adjustment

Enhanced Comfort

The H80 Series innovative BackTrack Adjust™ system allows for smooth 6cm vertical backrest adjustment without buttons—just lift to adjust.

For relaxation, it offers a 135° recline angle with dynamic lumbar support, ensuring maximum comfort. Additionally, the 5cm seat depth adjustment provides comfortable thigh and hip support for any size.


Foldable Frame

Unique Space-Saving Design

The foldable frame allows you to fold the entire chair and tuck it under the desk. The flippable armrests also enable you to push the chair under the desk, even if there's a drawer.

better sitting posture

Sit Your Way

Experience the ultimate in seating flexibility with the Musso H80 Pro's CustomFit Slide™ Cushion. Enjoy deeper, adjustable seat options that adapt perfectly to your body, offering more sitting positions and unmatched comfort. Discover a chair that moves with you.

Painless sitting position

All-Day Comfort

Feel the difference with the Musso H80 Pro's Tri-Zone Dynamic Support™. Our unique three-section back design hugs your lumbar, offering zero-gap lumbar support. Enjoy tailored comfort with adjustable lumbar zones and dual tension springs, adapting to every position, up to 155°. Discover the future of sitting—where your comfort and spine health are always in focus.

Smart Long-Term Investment

The H80 Pro is a versatile ergonomic chair designed for long hours of work and comfortable relaxation, making it ideal for any office or home workspace.

 This chair is more than just ordinary office furniture; it represents a wise investment in your physical health and work efficiency.

Industry-Leading Adjustments for Tailored Fit

With 16 adjustable points, this chair can be customized to fit your body profile perfectly. Relax your body, then enjoy working.


Built to last. Uncompromising quality. Rigorously tested.


Up to 12-year Warranty


World-Class Materials

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Product Information




H80 Pro

Weight Capacity:


Item Weight:


Hydraulic Gas Piston:

SGS Class 4


Polyamide and Polyester Woven Mesh/PA&GF Frame/PU Armrest Pads

Shipping Dimensions:

68cm(L) x65cm(W) x 37cm(H)



Dimensions while folded:




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nathan Robertson
Satisfied with My Choice

After using the H80 PRO for several weeks, I can say it’s worth the investment. The adjustments are simple to use and really help in finding the perfect position. Just wish it came in more color options.

Justine Saunders
Nice Chair with Minor Issues

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase, but the wheels could glide a bit smoother. The comfort and adjustability are spot on, making it a good choice for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk.

Jamie Jones
Meets Expectations

The H80 PRO has lived up to my expectations. It's got a sleek design, solid support, and the mesh back keeps things cool. It’s a quality chair that seems like it’ll last.

Alexandra Robinson
Solid Purchase

Just got my chair and I’m pretty impressed with the build quality.

Summer Miller
Highly Recommend!

Assembly was a breeze, and I can sit for hours without discomfort.