Musso H80 pro

A Pioneer of Sustainable Design

Launched in 2020, H80 Pro continues to outperform. Newly incorporated recycled content reduces carbon emissions—with an emission reduction equal to 0.6 million miles driven per year.

A21% Recycled

98% Recyclable

Sustainability Goals

Climate Change

Mitigating Our Impact on Climate Change

While we have made progress, there is still more to do. Our goals include achieving absolute emissions reductions by 2030, handling water as precious commodity, maintaining carbon neutrality, and motivating our suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Similar to how we measure and manage carbon emissions at our corporate level, we're doing the same with our products with our first CarbonNeutral® product  H80 Pro

 Circular Economy

Creating a Circular Economy + Product Use

Along with being commited to using recycled content in our plastic and paper-based packaging, we are also helping customers gain greater access to a network of end-of-use service providers. We will continue to phase out single-use plastics and increase recycled content in all packaging by 2030.

Encouraging Sustainable Product Design

Encouraging Sustainable Product Design

By 2023, new Musso brand products will incorporate Musso Sustainable Design framework criteria that includes sourcing materials responsibly, ensuring material health, and enabling end-of-life strategies like reuse and recycling.

protection of rainforests

Support for the protection of rainforests

The tropical forests are unique habitats. They exert a great influence on the climate and water balance of the earth and are home to about two-thirds of all plant and animal species that live on land. For this treasure trove of nature to have a future, we must fight for its preservation. Musso supports WWF in protecting rainforests, biodiversity and the planet on which we all depend.

click a tree

Make the earth more beautiful

The climate crisis threatens the livelihoods of humanity. But the problem is man-made, and we can still save the climate.
We at Musso plant trees with 'Click A Tree'. In doing so, we are actively combating climate change, creating habitat for endangered species, as well as jobs and full-time incomes for local communities in the Africa.