What payment methods are supported

Musso currently supports online banking payments from major local banks, as well as e-wallet payments. You can also use Atome to pay in installments 0% interest, Atome supports both bank and credit card payments.

How to pay with e-wallet correctly

Use e-wallet precautions to ensure that your e-wallet balance is recharged to avoid payment failure due to insufficient balance.

Please try to complete the payment within 15 minutes and make sure the wallet has been debited. Generally, the wallet will not automatically deduct money, and you need to manually enter the payment password to complete the payment.

After successful payment, musso will arrange delivery for you only after receiving the payment.

How to cancel my order

If you do not complete the payment within the stipulated time, the order will be automatically canceled, and you do not need to take any action. If you want to continue purchasing, you can place a new order and complete the payment.

If you want to choose another payment method, you can also re-order, the original order will be automatically canceled.

How to use Atome installment

Use Atome to pay in installments, a total of three installments, 0% interest, as long as you pay the down payment, Musso will ship the goods to you, and the remaining two installments will be paid in the next two months.

Atome supports both bank and credit card payments.

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Shipping & Delivery

1、when to ship
usually orders placed in the morning will be shipped the same day, and orders placed in the afternoon will be shipped the next day.
Warehouses are closed on Sundays and generally do not ship.

2、how long to deliver
Generally 2-5 working days in western Malaysia;Eastern region generally 4-7 working days.

3、where to ship from
Our warehouse address: Jalan Keretapi Lama, Taman Kelana Batu 5, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

How do I track my order

You will receive a tracking number in your email once we have shipped it out which includes the link where you may trace your order.

You can proactively contact our online customers on our website for assistance.

Which Musso chair is a good fit for me

Bearing all customers’ needs in mind, Musso is designed to accommodate
various heights and weights. To ensure the 100% best fit for you.

The gaming chair is load-bearing, and the packaging specifications are in the product description.

How do i assemble my gaming chair

The assembly guide will be delivered within the package. We recommend that you watch the assembly video before attempting to assemble your Musso chair as it contains vital safety information and tips that will make your assembly process smoother. Most users take about 10-15 minutes to assemble their chair.

Please refer to the installation video

How do I clean my PU/Fabric chair

Musso chairs are known to be extremely durable, even so, taking good aftercare is vitally important to ensure the chair feels and looks like you first bought it.

Thus, it is essential to avoid any forms of liquid as it is unfavorable to the PU Leather/Fabric of your chair and do take extra step to wiping it down once in a while to keep it clean. Best clean with microfiber cloth to keep it spick-and-span for years.

Fabric gaming chairs should be kept away from water and animals' claws. Wipe down with a fabric cleaner, which is available online.